King James Still Reigns

How does LeBron James keep dominating in the NBA?  At 35 years old he has played in 17 seasons.  The average NBA career is only 4.5 years, and many players are sidelined by a preventable sports injury.  LeBron invested in physical therapy and sports recovery as a fairly new player, and he now spends over 1 million dollars per year on recovery alone.  How long will he last in the NBA?  Only time will tell, but his actions to stay in the game are also available to you at Natural Health Sports Therapy.

Preventive Sports Therapy

LeBron James playing basketball

LeBron James uses physical therapy to stay in the game.

Using sports recovery methods as a preventive measure offers two distinct advantages.  First it allows the physical therapist to detect any problematic areas before they become serious injuries.  This is often the problem with high-school sports.  Students are not taught proper exercise methods and are not taking advantage of physical therapy.  This can lead to sudden injury that can ruin a season and even derail a potential scholarship.  Second it prepares the body to endure extreme athleticism with confidence.  Athletes in competition will perform better if they are confident they can exert themselves with less fear of injury.  That confidence translates into winning.

Rehabilitative Sports Therapy

Having a physical therapist or chiropractor available to treat an injury is 90% of the battle.  Professional athletes know when they have strained something and will begin a treatment regimen immediately because they know it works. But many people are unfamiliar with what treatments are available for injuries and become overwhelmed at the thought of it all.  What many don’t know is that your treatment can help your pain almost immediately, and your therapy is probably covered by your insurance.

As you age exercise becomes even more important and injuries become all the more likely.  Having a routine of regular deep tissue massage, adjustments, and supervised exercise can help you feel and look better.  If you become injured don’t ignore the pain; it is your body telling you that something is wrong.  College athletes learn this and are fortunate to have athletic departments that teach them how to recognize pain and how to treat it.  But once injured an athlete must treat the injury or they are in danger of making the injury worse.  This is seen in every sport: a person is injured but decides to medicate or ignore the pain.  This leads to a compounded injury and more pain.  It is a downward spiral that can end in needing invasive surgery or worse, addiction to pain medication.

We Know Because We’ve Been There

The staff at Natural Health Sports Therapy are all active athletes and many are still enjoying competitive sports at a professional or near-professional level.  This is why many professional athletes in Orange County keep Natural Health in their corner.  They know that they will receive expert help with a no-nonsense approach from therapists who understand athletics.  You can benefit from this as well with a regular appointment.  You’ll walk out feeling better, and your body will respond better in everyday activities. If you have any questions please feel free to call us or fill out our contact form.