Did you know that working at a computer all day can cause you significant pain and injuries?  Workplace ergonomics is such an important topic that companies often require employees to learn proper ergonomics for deskwork.  If you work at home and have a desk that requires you to stoop over or strain your neck, you will soon feel the effects of poor ergonomics and experience pain and discomfort.  How can physical therapy help you?  Natural Health Sports Therapy can help you identify what actions you are doing that are causing pain, and also teach you correct posture and workplace ergonomics to help you feel less pain.

Common Workplace Injuries & Pain

tech neck, desk pain, workplace erogonomicsNeck strain is the #1 cause of ergonomic pain for desk workers.  Sitting too close or too far away from your computer can cause you to unknowingly strain your neck, and thus the musculoskeletal system that supports your head.  This can lead to headaches, migraines, sinus pain, and a feeling of “kinks” in your neck.  If you are currently feeling this, call us to schedule an appointment. 

Shoulder pain is #2 on the list of ergonomic pain for desk workers.  People often feel soreness in their shoulder from using a mouse while doing computer work.  This happens because people unintentionally lift their elbow off of the armrest to use the mouse.  After awhile, this causes pain due to the arm being held in mid-air for too long of a period.  You can solve this problem by using a chair with armrests and keeping your elbow on the armrest, almost like a pivot point when touching the mouse.  You can also use a trackpad and place it closer to the desk-edge, or between your keyboard and your belly button.  This will limit the distance your hand has to travel to reach the trackpad, and your shoulder pain should improve.  If it does not, call us and schedule an appointment.  We can help you live with less pain.

Back pain is #3 on the list of ergonomic pain for desk workers.  Bad chairs are often the culprit, so examine your chair and use one that is the correct size for you.  When sitting in your chair your knees should be a bit below your pelvis.  Your heels should be able to touch the floor, but the pressure of your legs should be slightly on your toes or the front area of your foot.  Back pain is also caused by sitting improperly for too long.  It is a safer practice to limit sitting to only 30 minutes or less at a time.  If you have a standing desk you can sit for half an hour, and then stand for half an hour.  If you don’t have a standing desk it is helpful to stand up, stretch, and walk around a bit before sitting again.

What To Do If You Have Significant Pain

If you are suffering and in significant pain you should always consult with your primary care physician.  Your physician can determine if your pain is ergonomic or not.  If it is ergonomic you can benefit from physical therapy at Natural Health Sports Therapy in Costa Mesa.  Call us and schedule an appointment and we can educate you on proper sitting, working, and computer use techniques to help you work smarter and safer in your daily routines, often with medicine-free solutions.  We can also help you develop safe exercise routines that can strengthen your body.