As summer comes into full swing many people are planning vacations and trips.  What they are not planning for is an injury, yet injuries happen more in the summertime than any other season?  Why?  Two reasons: overexertion and long hours sitting in a car or airplane seat.  Overexertion happens most often when people are playing with their grandchildren or young relatives.  Out of happiness or excitement many people injure themselves by simply running around with their grandkids or playing with them.  Slipped discs, strained ligaments, neck injuries, and more can all occur during a vacation and bring the fun to a screeching halt.

Reason One: Not Preparing for Activity

man with back pain, back pain, physical therapySummer break comes after months of work, sitting at a desk, and missing workouts.  When the time arrives and you finally have a break your body and frame may be simply not ready for it.  When this happens you are setting yourself up for an injury, or worse, landing in a hospital awaiting a surgery.  Everyone knows that it is important to warm up before exercise, and this includes going on vacation.  Two weeks before your summertime activity make sure to start stretching, visit your physical therapist or chiropractor, and increase your activity level.  A little sweat before you bend down to lift a grandchild will help you avoid experiencing a life-altering injury.

Reason Two: Long Hours Sitting

Many of us fly to a vacation destination such as Hawaii or Europe in the summer.  These long flights, mixed with a lack of preparation, can be harmful to your body.  If you know that you are going to have more than two hours of sitting in a car or airplane take the following steps to prepare yourself for the trip:

  • Stretch before, during, and after the trip
  • Hydrate while driving or flying
  • Take a personal massage gun (such as a HyperVolt) and use it at every gas stop or once per hour on a flight (they are TSA approved for carry on).
  • Have a massage after you reach your destination

Sitting in a car or airplane for more than four hours can take a serious toll on your frame.  Make sure to visit Natural Health Sports Therapy for an exam and adjustment before your flight to make sure you are your best self while you are on vacation.

Unlike the top two reasons, simple accidents can happen no matter how much you prepare to be fit and ready for summer.  Slips, falls, overindulgence, and plain bad luck can cause you to suffer an injury.  Nobody prepares for a sprained ankle while on vacation, but you can do things to reduce your chances of a sprained ankle.  Natural Health Sports Therapy can show you customized exercises that you can do for two weeks before your vacation to give your body the best chance to avoid injury, and to heal more efficiently in the event that you are injured.  Call us today and schedule an appointment with our physical therapists, chiropractor, or our strength and conditioning coaches to meet your summer goals and enjoy your summertime more than ever before.