Physical Therapy and Summertime

woman touching sprained ankle

Don’t ignore a simple ankle sprain. It could be serious.

The two most common injuries are simple sprains and strains, especially in the summer. More people are enjoying outdoor activities in the summer weather and with that comes the risk of injury. If you experience an injury you should always confer with your primary medical provider. He or she may suggest physical therapy, and we are here to make that an excellent experience. 

Sprains: Harvard Medical School defines sprains as “injuries to ligaments, the fibrous connective tissues that connect one bone to another.” ¹ These are often in degrees of sprain:

  • 1st Degree: a stretched ligament resulting in pain and swelling.
  • 2nd Degree: some fibers are torn resulting in pain, swelling, weakness, and bluish discoloring due to bleeding.
  • 3rd Degree: most or all of the fibers are torn producing all of the above and severe weakness and decreased mobility.

Physical therapy can help all degrees of sprain. For athletes 1st degree strains are all to common as a part of playing sports. But if you experience a 2nd or 3rd degree sprain you must seek medical attention. Natural Health Sports Therapy can help you heal and make sure your therapy is done correctly at your pace without unnecessary pain.  

Strains: Harvard Medical defines strains as “Injuries to muscles or tendons, the fibrous tissues that connect muscles to bones. Commonly known as muscle pulls, strains also come in first-, second-, and third-degree varieties.” Pulling a muscle can cause immediate and significant pain, often sidelining an athlete. Even non-athletes can become basically bedridden by a pulled muscle. Natural Health can help with a variety of methods to help your strain heal and help you return to full time activity.  

Prevention is Key

Preventing an injury is often best achieved by learning how to exercise properly. Most non-athletes begin an exercise program without any direct instruction on how to exercise safely, and that is dangerous. Cryotherapy can help guide you into an exercise program with proper movements and precise technique. Regular exercise also helps improve your immune system, fight off depression, and give you a sense of confidence.

Founded on facts: for peer-reviewed articles, scholarly journals, and articles cited above please see the below sources.