Your Safety is Our Priority!

Sanitizing our offices, treatment areas, and gym are a top priority. In addition to our regular wipe-downs with cleaning solutions we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure your safety.  If you need physical therapy don’t wait to receive treatment!  We can treat you safely at Natural Health Sports Therapy.  Your quality of life during a quarantine can be greatly enhanced by treating any ailments that you may have.

Electrostatic Disinfectant Fog

Prior to the COVID-19 situation we began using a Hurricane ES Dyna-Fog system. This fog-machine spreads hospital-grade disinfectant throughout the entire room and touches every surface. The fog is also electrostatically charged so that it floats throughout the room evenly; no areas are over-fogged while others are missed. With this system being used you can be assured that every surface in our facility—from floor to ceiling—has been disinfected before you ever arrive.  This amazing machine can be viewed in action here.

Touch Points Disinfecting

Throughout the day we constantly sanitize each and every touchable surface, from door handles, treatment beds, and even barbells. There are no pieces of equipment that are left unsanitized after being used by someone else, and we will literally clean them in front of you if you would feel more comfortable. Our goal is that you have a safe and pleasant experience so that you can get back to your healthy lifestyle.

Staff Monitoring

Physical Therapy requires our staff to frequently come into close contact with people for treatments. We monitor each and every staff member and guest for any symptoms of illness and regularly educate our staff on self-monitoring and self-reporting requirements. All of our staff are wearing face masks and are observing the 6-foot social distancing guidelines as much as possible during your visit with us.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us or fill out our contact form.