Although the COVID pandemic is starting to fade in some parts of the world there is a bigger threat that is growing: obesity.  More Americans have gained weight over the pandemic than ever before, and at a rate faster than has ever been recorded.  As a nation we must face the fact that we are fat and are getting fatter.  How does this affect our health?  In every way possible, from our molecular functioning to our mental thoughts about health and fitness.  As we start to enter into the Spring it is important to recognize behaviors that are unhealthy and that can lead to injury.  Here are three things you must read in 2022 and put into practice for a healthier year.

A Sedentary Lifestyle Is Dangerous

Sitting in an office chair all day can have serious health consequences.  Physical therapists in Costa Mesa see this problem all the time.  Our bodies are designed to move, and unfortunately most of us have a habit of sitting all day.  We sit in our cars, we sit at work, and we come home and sit.  This type of lifestyle affects our bodies in ways that cause pain, headaches, and a psychological resistance towards exercising.  It is important to stand throughout the day, including at work.  If you don’t have a standing desk you can purchase one for under $100 or ask your company to provide one for you.  It is also helpful to set a timer each day for an hour.  When the timer goes off stand up from your chair and walk around for 5 minutes.  This small step can develop into greater habits of moving more throughout the day.

Obesity Hurts Everyone

Many people in Southern California don’t think that they are obese or fat; however, their Body Mass Index often places people on the cusp of being obese.  Why?  Because we have been indoctrinated to think of our body shapes as healthy and not our weight and conditioning.  Some male bodybuilders with enormous muscles claim to practice healthy eating and exercising, but their abnormal weight and proportions place them within the obese range of the BMI scale.  Conversely, some women have become accustomed to think that being skinny is healthy, but this can lead to an unnatural fear of being obese and develop into eating disorders such as anorexia or bulemia.  Why do these things happen in such extremes?  Because our culture has led us into an obesity epidemic and these are the knee jerk reactions of those who are tying to avoid it.

Being Obese Leads To Injuries

Being overweight by ten pounds or more after the holidays is common and can be overcome by a better diet and light exercise that is consistent.  But not addressing a temporary weight gain, or worse gaining more weight, is a serious health problem.  Each pound makes exercise harder and makes you more prone to exercise-related injury.  Every year we see people who have suffered painful injuries that stem from an issue related to being overweight.  You can actually protect your body by losing weight and exercising carefully while you are losing weight.  Some easy ways to start light exercise after a long sedentary period are:

  • Walking and drinking an entire bottle of water
  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Parking your car far away from a store entrance to increase your steps

What To Do If You Are Injured And Can’t Exercise

This is a serious question and should not be taken lightly.  If you have suffered an injury it is imperative that you see your primary care physician for a proper examination.  If she or he recommends physical therapy then Natural Health Sports Therapy in Costa Mesa can help you by developing a course of treatment and recommending proper exercises.  Most people don’t realize it but physical therapists right here in Costa Mesa can help you customize your exercise program for better results than you might expect.  At Natural Health Sports Therapy you can have access to Olympic level therapists, chiropractors, and expert trainers that specialize in helping people exercise safely.  Contact us today to talk about how you can improve your year, and your health.