Tom Brady won the Super Bowl–again–and did it with finesse.  How does a 43 year old man stay in shape and not suffer a career ending injury?  He invests in his athletic recovery, and he is not alone. LeBron James and Cristiano Ronaldo are also known for paying exorbitant sums of money each year on their bodies with each spending a reported 1 million annually on recovery alone. But how can a 40-something man or woman on a normal salary avoid sports injuries? There are two primary methods you need to start using as soon as possible.

Know Your Sport, Know Your Body

One thing that all sports have in common is the injuries suffered. There is a reason that 60 year old’s are not in contact sports: it hurts too much! But for the average athlete it pays to know your sport and what injuries are commonly expected. For example, running athletes have frequent injuries to their feet, knees, and hips, and all adjoining muscles. Smart athletes will prepare those parts of their body to endure the exercise. This means more than simply stretching before a run. Skilled runners hydrate appropriately, eat the right carbohydrate-to -protein ratio meals, and ice their legs after a long run. Many use NormaTec compression sleeves or a percussive massager such as a Hypervolt or Theragun. The key is that they anticipate an injury and prepare their bodies for it. This can not only prevent it, but if they do suffer and injury it can minimize the damage.

Know Healthy Limits

Sports injuries increase in pain and duration as we age. Tom Brady can recover from injuries quickly because of his preparation and knowing what his limits are at his age. At 43 he cannot train the same way he did at 23, and neither should you. This is where it pays to have a professional trainer design a workout for you and your body. At Natural Health we can help you learn how to exercise as you grow older, and point out any poor movements that could lead you to a debilitating injury.

Include Recovery In Your Workout

Working out or exercising is very good for your body; however, if you do not start incorporating recovery you will eventually endure an injury. Professional athletes incorporate physical therapy, chiropractors, and nutritionists and consider their roles as vital as their trainers. Natural Health can provide all of the above in one location, including a full gym and workout area where you can meet your trainer. If you train outside you can schedule regular stretching, tissue massage, and adjustments with one of our physical therapists or chiropractors. Don’t wait until you are already injured to begin preventive care. Call us today for an appointment!