With Daylight Savings Time changing our clocks back it is a common experience to feel increasingly sad or depressed.  Adding the holidays to the shortened days can make many feel overwhelmed, but that doesn’t have to be the case.  Physical therapy and self care play a much more important role during this time, and Natural Health Sports therapy can help you navigate this season better than ever.

Why Do We Get Depressed Every Fall?

People respond to sunlight!  In fact, our bodies are designed to work in sequence with the daily routine of sunrises and sunsets.  In the morning as the sun rises our closed eyes respond by sensing the increasing light.  The photoreceptors in our eye send signals to our brain that it is time to begin waking up.  Because this is how we have lived our entire lives from birth it can cause a disruption if there is a change in that pattern.  Setting our clocks back each Fall alters this pattern, and many people who usually have evening activities soon discover that it is suddenly much darker than before.  If this changes someone’s activity pattern there may be changes also in our inner chemistry that can lead to sadness.  If the holidays are an added stressor in your life the sadness can become intense.  Some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder that can develop over time.  If you feel that you are experiencing sadness that is more than usual you should contact your primary care physician or psychologist/therapist for help.

How Can Physical Therapy Help With The Time Change

Can physical therapy actually help you adjust to the time change?  Yes!  Physical therapy as self-care can help you in two significant ways:

  • Reduce chronic pain that affects your daily mood: pain has an enormous effect on the body and mind, and anyone in constant pain should seek professional medical and mental health.
  • Prevent injuries or reduce injury severity: regular physical therapy helps you to stay limber and flexible, which can help to avoid an injury.  If you are injured any pre-injury therapy may help you heal faster with less pain.

Using Self Care As A Preventative Measure

So many people are extraordinarily busy that it can become difficult to schedule time for self-care.  Some people may go for years without a regular medical checkup, chiropractic visit, or even a massage.  But what researchers have noticed is that people who do schedule self-care have a lower injury level, and many believe it is due to stress.  Busy lives lead to stress, and the Fall season mixed with the holidays can lead to depression, weight gain, drinking in excess, and a lack of proper nutrition and exercise.  If you are super busy it is imperative that you schedule self care as a priority.  Call us at (949) 645-4086 to schedule your self-care routine.