– How do we enjoy the many proven benefits of fish oils:

  • without eating a lot of fatty fish,
  • without swallowing large pills,
  • or without downing fishy tasting oils?

Essential fatty acids are good fats that can only be obtained in the diet. These fatty acids effect many biological processes such as inflammation, immune and brain functions, and blood lipid levels (triglycerides).

Essential fatty acids come in two forms: omega-3 and omega-6. The dietary balance between these two fatty acids strongly affects their functions. An optimal dietary balance of omega 6 to omega 3 is recommended to be 3:1 or even lower. Unfortunately the Standard American Diet, which is rich in vegetable oils (corn, safflower, soy, sunflower) and saturated fats from grain fed livestock, will typically have a ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 of 10:1 or higher!

A diet that is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, results in altered cell membranes. Such dysfunction at the cellular level is a critical factor in the development of chronic inflammation and chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, dementia and uncontrolled cell growth.

As the main sources of EPA/DHA omega 3 fatty acids are from fatty fish like salmon, sardines or anchovies, wild game or grass fed livestock, most Americans don’t eat enough. Therefore, many health professionals recommend a dietary supplement or “functional foods” that are fortified with EPA/DHA omega 3 fatty acids as an effective strategy for optimum health.

NanoEPADHA provides this solution – with a smooth creamy taste you won’t believe!

The “secret” behind NanoEPADHA’s exceptionally smooth and extremely pleasant taste is emulsification, one of the many SuperSorb® Enhanced Delivery Systems we employ. Emulsification is a process that breaks down the nutrient oils into very small droplets, which allows all the ingredients to stay blended together. Emulsification helps create a delightful lemon meringue taste, completely free of fishy taste or after taste, while also providing a smooth creamy texture, instead of an oily one. You won’t believe its fish oil!

And 300% More Absorbable!

Even better, by breaking down the fish oil and vitamins D & E into very tiny droplets, the absorption, and therefore the health benefits, may be increased by up to 300%.












That means that just one teaspoon of NanoEPADHA can provide as much benefits as 3 standard fish oil pills plus the added benefits of vitamins D and the complete vitamin E complex!








All this in every delicious teaspoon! 

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